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Cultural Heritage

National parks preserve and tell the stories of all the cultures that have occupied the land that now are America’s treasures. Western National Parks Association supports those efforts by providing financial aid and WNPA services to its partner parks.

Native American Month

WNPA paid for the Crow Drum and Dance Group to perform for Fort Smith Elementary School students during Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area’s Native American Heritage Month celebration.

American Indian Artistry

Hubbell Trading Post takes the wares of American Indian artisans on the road in outreach programs supported by WNPA, which operates the longest continuously operated trading post in the Southwest.

Hispanic dancers in colorful dresses in from of Tumacácori mission

La Fiesta de Tumacácori

We’ve long provided logistical and financial support for this festival that celebrates the American Indian and Spanish cultures that converged at the Spanish mission now known as Tumacácori National Historical Park. Food, music, dance, artwork, and guided tours reveal the Colonial Spanish era in the Sonoran Desert.