Grant Awardees

Congratulations to our grant awardees.

Rianne Kravitz
2022 James E. Cook Nature’s Classroom Grant

Rianne Kravitz, educator at Developing Virtue Secondary School, a private Buddhist boarding school in Ukiah, California is the first recipient of the new James E. Cook Nature’s Classroom Grant. The school’s plan to introduce teens to nature exemplifies WNPA’s mission to make young people aware of our national treasures, so that they will want to protect them for future generations.

A group of eight girls who have never gone camping will visit Pinnacles National Park. They will spend two days working with park rangers and the Ventana Wildlife Society helping researchers monitor the endangered California condor. They plan to maintain the birds’ natural habitat and identify challenges to condor survival.

As part of learning how to be good stewards, the students also will spend time cleaning up the park, maintaining trails, and practicing the habit of “leaving no trace” during their visit.

Upon their return the group will share what they learned about conservation, to educate fellow students and the community. As part of their own conservation effort, they will build a monarch butterfly habitat.

Rianne wants the experience to instill a love of nature that needs protecting. WNPA is delighted to help bring this aspiration to life by providing this grant.