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Awards & Scholarship Program

Honoring National Park Supporters, Encouraging Future Advocates

Awards and Scholarship Program

Every year, Western National Parks Association honors individuals and organizations that spread awareness of WNPA and national parks, conduct exceptional research in parks, and engage the public in the national park ideals through high-quality educational and interpretive materials and programs.

WNPA Awards

Emil W. Haury Award

The award celebrates outstanding contributions to scientific research in national parks and monuments. Haury was a noted anthropologist and archaeologist. He was instrumental in the 1938 founding of the Southwest Monuments Association, now Western National Parks Association. He served on the National Park System Advisory Board in the 1960s.

Edward B. Danson Award

This award applauds exceptional support and loyalty to WNPA and national parks. A noted archaeologist, Danson served as the Museum of Northern Arizona’s director for 19 years. He sat on the WNPA board and the National Park System Advisory Board. He earned the Department of Interior Conservation Award in 1986.

Stewart L. Udall Award

This award salutes inspirational conservationists who boost park interpretation programs, carry the park message to audiences, or rally broad public support for parks. Awardees include authors, poets, artists, photographers, writers, and publishers. Udall was a U.S. Secretary of the Interior (1961–1969), WNPA board member (1984–1994), and noted conservationist.

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Scholarship Program

Ernest Quintana and Marty Sterkel Scholarship

This scholarship, honoring retired National Park Services [NPS] leaders Ernest Quintana and Marty Sterkel, supports recipients who work to establish careers that increase workforce diversity at NPS, similar government agencies, or nonprofit cultural or natural heritage conservation organizations. The scholarship funds college tuition and internships or other special study opportunities in areas relevant to parks management or conservation.

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