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Become a Park Protector or Renew

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Help others experience national parks

You love exploring national parks for the nature, the history, the culture, the science, and the fun. You know they enrich your life. Take the next step—help others experience the same wonders. Join Western National Parks Association and become a Park Protector!

“I love being a Park Protector knowing that my membership fee will help park visitors create a deeper connection to parks through programs, events, and more at any one of WNPA’s partner parks. Oh and the stickers are pretty fun too!”

– Maria D.

How You Protect Parks

WNPA supports over 70 national parks in 12 states so that they can provide the best experience possible for you and other visitors. Park Protector membership helps in many ways.

Improve Parks

with exhibits, educational signage, and benches.

Help park rangers

create programs like talks, recreational activities, and special events.

Attract more visitors

to smaller parks by sharing their untold stories.

Fund high-level research

that guides efforts to preserve and protect natural and archaeological resources.

Provide access

to parks for people who otherwise would not be able to visit.

Inspire young people

to become Park Protectors by supporting Junior Rangers.

Benefits to Park Protectors

Becoming a Park Protector gives you access to a community of like-minded national park fans and advocates. We thank you for your tax-deductible yearly contribution of $25 with these exclusive benefits.

  • Member-only deals and merchandise.

  • Digital newsletters featuring park stories, news, and events.

  • Advance email notification of presentations, virtual events, and educational opportunities.

  • 10% discount at our stores in national parks and online.

  • Reciprocal discounts at 400+ public land sites.

  • Tax-deductible membership dues.

  • Becoming a Park Protector is easy. Fill out the online form or signup in a WNPA park store and get ready to join our community of park lovers!