Channel Islands National Park Book Receives Design Award

Tucson, Arizona—A book about Channel Islands National Park has received the Gold Award for Guide/Travel Book at the 2020 PubWest Book Design Awards. The award honors the book Channel Islands National Park, Second Edition—published by the park’s nonprofit partner, Western National Parks Association (WNPA)—and was announced during PubWest’s annual conference on Tuesday, February 2.

The PubWest Book Design Awards recognize superior design and outstanding production quality of books. Channel Islands National Park was designed by Theresa Reindl Bingham, with production managed by WNPA’s Sara Maher and printing by Four Colour Print Group. It features stunning photographs and illustrations from several photographers and artists, including renowned photographer George H. H. Huey and National Park Service staff. It can be purchased at The National Parks Store in Oro Valley, Arizona; Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center in Ventura, California; or online at

The PubWest Book Design Awards are hosted by PubWest, the leading association of small- and medium-sized book publishers. The Design Awards winners were judged by professional designers on typography, jacket and cover design, interior design, format, selection of materials used, and printing and binding production quality. In PubWest’s press release, president Colleen Dunn Bates congratulated the winners, saying, “The printed book continues to thrive because it is, when done right, a thing of beauty. Celebrating this beauty, while honoring the essential practicality of a bound bunch of pages printed with words and/or images, is the mission of the PubWest Book Design Awards. In championing books that demonstrate exceptional design, layout, paper, binding, and visual creativity, the awards strengthen the community of the book, which is what PubWest is all about.” The full list of 2020 award winners can be found at


WNPA is a Tucson, Arizona-based nonprofit partner of the National Park Service and an independent publisher since 1938. WNPA books are both beautiful and educational and meant to help visitors better understand national parks and their significance. In addition to books made specifically for national park partners, WNPA publishes cookbooks, children’s books, regional travel guides, and scholarly and reference titles about American Indian culture and crafts, plant life, wildlife, weather, geology, and history. Learn more at

All photographs courtesy of WNPA.