Junior Ranger Program Helps Naomie Both Academically and Personally

Visiting national parks is an amazing way for kids to learn and grow while experiencing the world around them. Western National Parks Association (WNPA) connects kids with parks, even when they’re closed.

When COVID-19 prevented Junior Ranger Naomie from visiting national parks, her mom wrote to WNPA, asking if we had Junior Ranger Activity Booklets Naomie could do at their home in rural Tennessee. Naomie is a very hardworking Junior Ranger, and her friends and family collect activity booklets for her whenever they visit national parks. We mailed a few, and were delighted when we heard back from Naomie’s mom a few months later.

Mom told us Naomie struggles with reading, but she loves working on Junior Ranger Activity Booklets—and had just finished her 73rd (for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, one of WNPA’s partner parks). But that wasn’t the most incredible part of her story. Mom shared that at the beginning of the school year, Naomie scored just a 67 in reading, but at the end of the year, her score jumped to 87—a remarkable 20-point increase. Mom shared Naomie also gained 30 points across her social studies, science, and math scores.

Courtesy of Naomie’s mom, Melanie.

Stories like Naomie’s are why WNPA contributes to all aspects of the Junior Ranger program, including creating and printing Junior Ranger Activity Booklets. Your donations to WNPA directly impact children’s education, especially during this time of remote learning.

“The [Junior Ranger] program is wonderful and it works. Kids are learning! Keep up the great work because it’s worth it!” —Junior Ranger Naomie’s mom, Melanie

“Hi, my name is Naomie. I am 11 years old, and I have been doing Junior Ranger books for two years now. I started them in my house for extra help in reading and spelling. My grades improved, and so did my self-confidence. Last year I made a goal to complete 100 books, and I successfully did that. In fact, I am on book number 122!” —Junior Ranger Naomie

Thanks for being an amazing Junior Ranger, Naomie! Start your own Junior Ranger journey on the WNPA website.