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Our Partners

WNPA Partners

Western National Parks Association forges partnerships with the community to spread the message that our national parks deserve to be preserved for future visitors. By sharing resources with these groups and organizations, we encourage people to experience our 70+ partner parks in the hopes they will protect them for future generations.

National Park Service

In 1938, what would become Western National Parks Association became a cooperative association with the National Park Service (NPS). Its mission then: To help national parks enhance the visitor experience by developing products, services, and programs.

More WNPA Partners

National Park Foundation

The nonprofit National Park Foundation fosters a community of park allies to raise private funds that support national parks. We work together in our similar goals to foster new generations of national park protectors. The National Park Foundation provided WNPA with a grant to help build this website.

Ironwood Tree Experience

Ironwood Tree Experience engages young people with the natural world. WNPA funded Youth Ambassadors for Southwest Cultures, in which high school interns designed and led interpretive walks in Arizona national parks.

Parks in Focus®

Parks in Focus®  connects middle school youngsters in underserved communities to nature through photography, environmental education, outdoor recreation, and creative expression. As the official nonprofit partner, we raise funds and provide financial support.

University of Arizona School of Journalism

University of Arizona School of Journalism wants its students to get real-world experience. We work with these students, who create engaging stories about national parks while they improve their writing skills.

Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area

Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area (SCVNHA) works to connect people to the historical and cultural significance of the Santa Cruz Valley. Promoting the heritage of the region, and preserving it for future generations.

Let’s Partner

We regularly consider partnerships with organizations whose efforts in natural and cultural resource preservation, outdoor recreation, and other subjects complement ours. For more information, contact Caroline Lochner, [email protected], 520-789-7325.