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Park Research & Preservation

Because of our strong reputation and relationship with scientists and researchers, Western National Park Association has backed meaningful scientific investigations at many of the 70+ national parks we partner with. Since 1938, WNPA-funded research has found ways to protect parks, preserve cultural and historical assets, and enhance the visitor experience.

Saguaro National Park

WNPA awarded $83,000 in scientific research grants in fiscal year 2021.
Universities, scientific institutions, and conservation and preservation groups respect our legacy of supporting robust inquiry in national parks. Researchers have investigated a wide range of topics in biology, geology, archeology, anthropology, social science, and history.

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Padre Island National Seashore: Scientists assessed risks to juvenile green sea turtles

Tumacácori National Historical Park: Researchers digitally preserved and interpreted historical graffiti in the Tumacácori Mission Church.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area: Scientists examined a battle between two tree species.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park: Scientists used tree rings to date the Great Houses of Chaco Canyon.

Native American Ruins