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WNPA-Funded Research

Thanks to donors and supporters, Western National Parks Association regularly funds important scientific, historical, and social science research in national parks. The research projects cover a wide range of topics from archeological surveys and erosion control studies to recording oral histories and reintroducing endangered wildlife. The results help the National Park Service manage, preserve, and interpret our 70+ partner parks.

These research activities enhance the visitor experience and engage the community by recruiting interns and volunteers to act as citizen scientists who work alongside researchers.

Our close relationship with anthropologists, archeologists, botanists, historians, and other scientists has spurred creative ideas on research that further our knowledge of our American natural and cultural legacy.

Featured Research Stories

Exploring Our Parks through Science

Scientists tell fascinating stories about our national parks’ history, culture, and nature. WNPA shares them to give you a deeper understanding of our park treasures.

Research Matters

Earn WNPA Grant Funds

Research engages present and future national park lovers by providing them information that connects them to our heritage. That’s why we support meaningful inquiry by awarding grants.

Emil W. Haury

WNPA Founder, researcher and scholar: Dr. Emil W. Haury

Emil W. Haury was a pioneer of southwestern Archaeology and one of the founders of Western National Parks Association, and has had a profound influence upon the shape and substance of archaeology at large. Learn about Dr. Haury and the incredible breadth of his influence on the field. Presented by Western National Parks Association and the Southwestern Foundation.