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What We Do

National parks are American treasures that help tell our national story and protect our natural and cultural legacy. Western National Parks Association believes all Americans deserve to experience their national parks.

WNPA connects people to parks by creating products, programs, and services. We support our 70+ partner parks to enhance the visitor experience. It’s through that experience that people can appreciate these important places and feel they need to be protected.

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Learn how WNPA supports national parks from actor and environmental activist Ted Danson and NPS staff!

Buy, Learn, Support Parks

Our Stores in National Parks

When you step into a WNPA national park store at a partnering national park, you’re doing more than shopping for a memento. You’ll learn about area artisans, the culture and history of the land, and what makes the geography, plants, and animals unique. Plus, you will support parks!

Publishing Got Us Started

WNPA was founded in 1938 as a nonprofit publishing partner to help the National Park Service connect people with their parks. We continue that tradition with award-winning, well-researched, beautifully engaging books to help visitors learn more about our partner parks.


Make Learning Fun

WNPA-developed and ranger-approved interpretive programs, events, videos, books, and more reveal what can be learned from national parks—history, culture, and nature, to start.

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Our work is strengthened by support from national park fans. Become a WNPA member, make a donation or buy from our stores and help preserve our parks.

We’re Part of Your Community

WNPA reaches out to celebrate our national parks online and in person. Find us participating in community events, conducting engaging presentations, and developing ways to bring the park experience to local groups. We reach out to reach underserved populations, especially young people. 

Research Engages Visitors

Meaningful inquiry in parks helps shape the national park experience for every visitor. We fund scientific research to interpret findings into engaging, informational, and entertaining narratives.

Invaluable Partners for WNPA’s Mission

Individuals and organizations make remarkable contributions to national parks and increase awareness of WNPA’s mission and work. It’s our honor to recognize them with awards and scholarships.