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Funds At Work

There are many ways we help our partner parks enhance the visitor
experience, understanding, and appreciation of national parks.

We dedicate all of our resources to helping national parks tell the story of America—its beauty, culture, and heritage.

In the last 5 years

WNPA’s Impact

WNPA funds help protect national parks by providing educational and interpretive products, programs, and services, funding important research, and creating learning opportunities for young people.

$ 4380911
provided to enhance park visitor experiences
$ 570000
In scientific research grants awarded
Outreach and community programs supported in Tucson
100000 +
Junior Ranger books, badges, and pencils given free to visitors
600 +
Cultural events across 12 Western states received funding

WNPA Makes a Difference

WNPA research grants have been wonderful for (Saguaro National Park) and allowed us to bring together science and interpretation in new ways.

Theresa Foley and Dan Swann Saguaro researchers

This (grant) has been a great opportunity to share our research and knowledge of bats and microbes with the (Carlsbad Caverns National Park) interpretive rangers … as well as visitors.

Debbie C. Beucher and Diana E. Northrup Researchers

I have been doing Junior Ranger books for two years now. My grades improved, and so did my self-confidence.

Naomie, age 11 Junior Ranger
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By teaching young people about these special places, we hope they will love and appreciate them and want to help protect them too.

Reading Better with Parks

Naomie, 11, struggled with reading until she discovered the Junior Ranger program. She loves doing the activities. That’s helped her improve in reading, social studies, science, and math…

WNPA Funds at Work

Ways We Enhance
the Park Experience

WNPA exists to give everyone the best national park experience, whether in a visit or a community program. See how we support more than 70 partner parks and reach their fans.

Help Us Do More

America’s story constantly unfolds. With your help, we can support discovery of new knowledge, new understanding, and new ways to engage with society. Join our efforts!

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