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Education: The Heart of WNPA’s Mission

Educational products, programs, and services from Western National Parks Association teach people about the national parks’ natural and cultural history and how they contribute to our American story. When visitors like you experience parks today and tomorrow, they come to love them, and ultimately advocate for them. National parks are true American treasures that deserve protection.

National Park Merchandise

We work with rangers at our partner parks to carefully select items that bring joy and help you remember your visit. All products are educational, whether that might be an accurately depicted animal toy, a book about the park, or a handmade, authentic American Indian craft item. WNPA products help you connect to park stories and their significance.

WNPA Employee Expertise

WNPA’s talented staff support millions of visitors to 70+ partner parks each year. They share important park stories and information. They connect visitors with educational materials, events, and programs that help them understand and appreciate the park. They create educational products, programs, and services; run WNPA parks stores, and assist visitors, all aimed at making your visit the best it can be.

Programs and Talks

WNPA sponsors hundreds of programs at parks. Additionally, it presents over 200 educational programs in its Kiva Room at The National Park Store. It’s one of many ways we share national park stories to encourage people to visit one. We also showcase parks at the Tucson Festival of Books, which attracts 140,000 people.

“Each time we see a presentation we learn something new. Love our park’s store!”

-Attendee, Southwestern National Monuments and Boss Pinkley’s

Outfit talk