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Three reservoirs along the once-wild Gunnison River combine to create a destination for water-based recreation high in the Rocky Mountains. It’s best known for salmon and trout fishing. Take advantage of the recreation area’s opportunities for hiking, boating, Campinging, and bird-watching.

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Curecanti National Recreation Area protects a variety of natural, historic, and archeological features.

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Acquire Gunnison Sage-Grouse Location Data for Habitat Utilization Modeling
Outstanding Waters Designation: Data Collection & Analysis of Water Quality Parameters Curecanti National Recreation Area
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Kids in Parks

National parks are places where kids can dream up great adventures! Taking in amazing scenery. Testing out new skills. Exploring places kids may have only heard about. But most importantly, creating new memories with friends and family.

Our public lands are our public commons. They belong to all of us as part of our natural and cultural heritage. They remind us of a larger world that has existed long before the arrival of humans and will survive long after we are gone. –Terry Tempest Williams, Author & Conservationist

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